Best Pizza In Raleigh

Best Pizza In Raleigh, N.C

Pizza is a food that doesn’t need an introduction.  It seems to be beloved by everyone and those who are local to Raleigh or those who are visiting are no different.  Everyone is constantly looking for the best pizza in Raleigh, N.C.

But don’t you worry!  We have put in the time and effort to bring to you the ultimate list of recommended pizza restaurants in the Raleigh area.  We were able to survey locals, analyze online data, and even sampled as many pizza restaurants as possible to bring you the most accurate list possible.

We attempted to gather as much data as possible in order to bring you a complete round up of the best pizza spots in Raleigh, but if you think we missed a restaurant, please leave a comment below with your recommendation!

We sought out to taste a variety of different styles of pizza.  This means our list will include New York style pizza, California inspired pizza, fancy Neapolitan style, and everything in between.  Hold onto your hats because here is our complete list of the best pizza restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Recommended Pizza Restaurants In Raleigh

Oakwood Pizza Box - Downtown Raleigh

Description:  Oakwood Pizza Box is straight forward and their thin-crusted pizza is amazing.  With a very small menu, they specialize in thin-crusted pizza with just a few options for toppings.  But the flavor is plentiful and provides a great option for breakfast the next morning!

What We Recommend:  We recommend that you order a half white cheese and half pepperoni thin-crusted pizza.  This will allow you to taste both their white cheese and their traditional pepperoni.

Address:  610 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 27604


oakwood pizza box in raleigh NC

Trophy Brewing - Outside of Downtown Raleigh

Description:  Trophy Brewing is one of the most well known as well as most popular pizza places in Raleigh.  It is known for its amazing pizza, great beer selection, and chill atmosphere.  They also have a beautiful outdoor seating area that we absolutely love.

What We Recommend: When it comes to Trophy Brewing you can’t go wrong with any of their food.  Our team has ordered a wide variety of different meals throughout the years and have never been disappointed.  One of our new favorites is the Brie Pizza.  This pizza features thick slices of brie, traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, locally grown mushrooms and onions, as well as organically grown arugula.  We love the vibrant flavor as well as how well it goes with their local beer selection.

Address: 827 W Morgan St, Raleigh, NC 27603


trophy brewing pizza restaurant in raleigh NC

Benny Capitale's - Downtown Raleigh

Description:  Benny Capitale’s Italian Pizza isn’t like the other two pizza restaurants on the list.  Benny’s is a low-key Italian pizza restaurant that offers cheap slices that are perfect for after a night out.  They stay open late which makes it the perfect meal after you have been out with your friends.  Their extra large slices are big enough to keep you full and happy.

What We Recommend:  We recommend going with one slice of original cheese pizza, or a slice of pepperoni if you want.  One slice may not sound like a lot of food, but these slices are some of the largest slices we have ever seen

Address:  121 Fayetteville St Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27601


benny capitale's pizza restaurant in raleigh

Final Thoughts On Pizza Restaurants In Raleigh

Raleigh is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants, which means we weren’t able to visit all of them while creating this guide.  But just because it isn’t listed on our website doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing!  We are always looking to include new restaurants onto our guides.

If you believe there is a pizza place in Raleigh that deserves to be on our guide, then please leave us a comment below and we will happily give them a visit.

Thank you for taking the time to read our pizza restaurant guide, we hope you take the chance to take a look at all of our other guides on our Home Page

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