Best Place To Stay In Raleigh, NC

This Article Was Updated On July 7, 2023

Visiting the Tar Heel State? Raleigh is a great place to explore! Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or just want to explore the natural beauty of North Carolina’s capital city, there are plenty of things to do in Raleigh. And if that isn’t enough then it will be hard not to find something that interests you.

Raleigh has seen a drastic increase in tourism over the past few years. This could be families who are thinking about moving to Raleigh and just want to explore first or it could be families who are just looking for a little bit of adventure! Raleigh has nearly everything to offer no matter what type of trip you are looking for.

Raleigh has a variety of different suburbs and communities within the area that each provide a different experience. There are beautiful museums and history tours, fun nightlife, amazing food, and everything in between. Vetted Vacation helps individuals find trustworthy hotels and resorts and they recently created their best hotels in Raleigh, NC list that really displays the wide range of different experiences Raleigh has to offer for your visit. Since Raleigh has so many different environments, you should think about what type of trip you want before booking a hotel or Airbnb.

If you want a quiet nature adventure then you can book a place near the state parks to the West of Raleigh, but if you want a fun trip filled with entertainment or nightlife then you should stay in Downtown Raleigh. Below are a few of the best places you can stay when you are visiting Raleigh, NC.

Staying In Downtown Raleigh

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Downtown Raleigh is in the very center of the Raleigh area and provides a fun and adventurous trip that can be filled with entertainment, nightlife, and amazing food. There are a variety of hotels and rentals within Downtown Raleigh that each come with different benefits but they will all allow you to enjoy the heart of Raleigh.

If you are looking for a more standard hotel stay in Downtown Raleigh then you should take a look at booking a room at the Origin Raleigh which is located on W. Morgan Street right in the heart of Downtown or you can stay at the famous Sheraton Raleigh. Both of these luxury hotels will provide a beautiful stay that is located directly in the heart of Downtown Raleigh. You will be within walking distance of everything downtown has to offer from amazing food, clubs, bars, nightlife, and other entertainment.

Read our Best Restaurants in Raleigh article to learn more about the food we recommend you try while visiting Raleigh!

If you are a fan of the more “hip” and trendier side of things or are booking a stay for a larger family then your best option would be to book a rental house from Airbnb. This will allow you to book an entire house, condo, or apartment right in the heart of Raleigh. This will come with all of the amenities of an entire house and make you feel like you are living in the area compared to just visiting Raleigh.

There are many rentals available within the heart of Downtown Raleigh as well as nearby areas such as the Historic Oakwood District, or North Raleigh. We talk about the beauty of these communities in our Best Places To Live In Raleigh article.

Staying In North Raleigh

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North Raleigh is an amazing place to stay when vacationing in Raleigh, NC because it provides entertainment, great food, but also the chance to get out of the city and visit nature.

When you stay in North Raleigh, there are amazing restaurants such as The Fiction Kitchen that serve up vegan and vegetarian dishes with a southern twist. You can go shopping at North Hills or other high-end shopping centers in the area.

If you want to go out for an event, there are many bars and nightclubs within a short driving distance from North Raleigh that feature bands, or DJs. The Carolina Hurricanes play hockey at the PNC arena which is just a short drive from North Raleigh.

North Raleigh also provides access to many state parks such as William B. Umstead State Park which is known for its beautiful hiking trailing, biking trails, and picnic areas. North Raleigh can be a great combination of downtown fun with outdoor nature!

Staying On NC State’s Campus

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Staying on or near North Carolina State University’s campus is a great area because of the entertainment, food, and shopping available in the area. The North Carolina State University Wolfpack plays football at Carter-Finley Stadium which is just a short walk from the on-campus hotels. There are several restaurants and bars within walking distance of NC States’s campus such as Gonza Tacos y Tequilla on Hillsborough Street.

Staying On Hillsborough Street provides you with the opportunity to walk to different coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. Not only are there several bars and restaurants on Hillsborough Street, but it is also walking distance from most university dorms and housing so if you are visiting a student you will be in a great location.

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